The Ultimate Pet
Grooming & Spa

*All Grooming Services Includes: Nail Trimming, Ear Cleaning and Anal Gland Expression.

-Best Bath in Town: No haircut: All services plus de-shedding and                                                                  Sanitary Clip.

* Up to 15#:  ex. chihuahua
                                                           Short hair $25,
                                            Medium to Long hair $30-35

* Up to 20#: ex. pomeranian, pug, boston terrier
                                                           Short Hair $30, 
                                            Medium to Long Hair $35-$40

* Up to 30#: ex. Beagles, eng bulldog
                                                         Short Hair $35, 
                                          Medium to Long Hair $40-$45

* Up to 50#: ex. Bassetts
                                                         Short Hair $40, 
                                          Medium to Long Hair $45-55

*up to 70#: ex. labrador, golden
                                                       Short Hair: $50,
                                         Medium to Long Hair $65-$75

-Full Grooming: Haircut + All Services

        *XSmall (up to 5#) :  ex. tea cup yorkie         
                                                              Short Hair $30, 
                                                    Med to Long Hair $35-$40

*Small(up to 9#):  ex. malteses, toy poodles           
                                                               Short Hair $40, 
                                                Medium to Long Hair $45-55

*Medium (up to 25#): ex. shihtzus, min poodles
                                                               Short Hair $45, 
                                                Medium to Long Hair $50-65

*Large (up to 50#): ex. cockers, wheaten, collies
                                                               Short Hair $60, 
                                              Medium to Large Hair $70-90
                *XLarge (up to 80#) : ex. goldendoodles, gt schnauzer
                                                               Short Hair $80, 
                                                   Med to Large Hair $100 or more

*All Price subject to change based on your dog conditions. (Like tangled, matted or knotted) Which require more grooming time.

For more questions or appointments:  
Call us: 954-923-0101
Email us:

*Our hours of operation are:
Tuesdays to Fridays 8a-4/7p

*We are a Cageless facility, where your pet can play and enjoy while making new friends until their grooming session starts.

*Doggie Day Care.: small/medium doggies $15
                               large up to 50#: $20

Come and Visit us and let Your Dog enjoy a Beautiful and Friendly Atmosphere at the Spa.
Thank You!!!
The Ultimate Pet Grooming